News Letter

July - Sept 2019

Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) programme at BLDEA’s SSM College of Pharmacy and Research Centre, Vijayapura, Article on Specialty Clinical Pharmacy Practice - A distant dream or a near necessity, Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and stewardship (AMS) program in Karnataka

Apr - June 2019

Article on Modern Hospital Pharmacy Services by Dr.R.S.Thakur, Former President, FIPO, Duties and responsibilities of the Registered Pharmacist, KPCRPWT Compensation

Jan - Mar 2019

Guest Column - Drug Information: An indispensable Part of Holistic Healthcare by Mr. Manoj Kumar Yadava, Consultant, Medical Communications and Digital Technologies

Oct - Dec 2018

New services introduced for the benefit of Registered Pharmacist of Karnataka, enhancement of KPCRPWT benefit, article on Online Reporting System as performance enhancing tool for Medical Representatives

Apr - Sept 2018

Felicitation to Dr.B.Suresh, President, Pharmacy Council of India, increase in KPCRPWT benefit, article on World Pharmacist Day

Jan - Mar 2018

KSPC Pharmacy Education Scholarship, article on Importance of taking care of Kidneys, Doctorate award Sri. Y. Veeranarayana Gowda, Executive Council Member, Karnataka State Pharmacy Council, Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPI)

July - Dec 2017

Launch of KSPCDIC Mobile Application, article on Know about your medicines: Ask your Pharmacist and Word Heart Day

Apr - June 2017

Article on Alzheimer disease, Case Report - Drug Induced - Stevens Johnson Syndrome And Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Overlap

Jan - Mar 2017

President message on Technology enabled Certificate & UV enabled Identity Card, article on drug information, Visit of Dr. Shivprakash Rathnam, Managing Director, Synchron Research Services Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad to KSPC,

Oct - Dec 2016

Implementation of Pharmacy Practice Regulations, 2015, Visit of Sri. S.L. Nasa, Registrar, Delhi Pharmacy Council, Delhi and Sri. Anirban Kar, Member of Tripura State Pharmacy Council, Tripura

Apr - Sept 2016

President message on Pharmacist role on Schizophrenia, Farewell to Sri. Bhagavan P. S., New Nominated Members, Nomination to Pharmacy Council of India

Jan - Mar 2016

GOI Prohibits 344 Fixed Dose Combinations, article on Zika Virus Disease, visit of Dr. B.P.S Murthy, Registrar, Karnataka Medical Council, Bangalore to KSPC

Oct - Dec 2015

Role of Pharmacist on Parkinson’s Disease, Celebration of National Pharmacy Week, Visit of Mr. Dheeraj Awasthi, Manager-L&D, Academy of Clinical Research & Management, Bengaluru

July -Sept 2015

National Conference on the ‘Role of Clinical Pharmacists in Improving Medication Safety and Pharmacoeconomics’, Indian Pharmacology Society (IPS) Bangalore Chapter, Pharmacology Conference-2015, Teachers’ Day Programme

Apr - June 2015

Role of Pharmacist in Palliative Care, Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) Meet in Bengaluru, Visitors from Mizoram State Pharmacy Council, Gujarat State Pharmacy Council

Jan - Mar 2015

"Aushadha Tagnarigondu Saval" - Article of Dr.Anuradha Kamath, Sri. Bhubanendra Clinic, Udupi; Visit of Mr. Rosalind Miller, MPharm MSc, a Research Scholar from Department of Global Health and Development, London

July - Sept 2000

Release of KSPC Publication titled "Breathing easier with Asthma" by Ms.Nafeez Fazal, Hon.Minister of State for Medical Education, Government of Karnataka, Guest lecture by Dr.Uma Thekur, Delhi, Query of the month, World Asthma Day celebration

Apr - June 2000

Lecture on Clinical Pharmacy Practice & Drug Information and celebration of World TB Day

Jan - Mar 2000

Guest Lecture by Prof.Ranjit Roy Chaudhury, President, DSPRUD, Continuing Education Program, Awareness program on TB

Oct - Dec 1999

Inauguration of the 1st DIRC Newsletter. It contains an eight-page newsletter carrying information on the activities of Drug Information, Adverse Drug Reactions & reports, guest lecture by Mr.Graeme Vernon, a senior Drug Information Practitioner, Austin & Repatriation Medical Center, Australia and Dr. G.Jagadeesh, Pharmacologist, USFDA. The newsletter is designed for use by the students and professionals of health and pharma care.